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Help us recognize those who go above and beyond.

Meet a Few of Our Heroes at The Hospitals of Providence

You may have heard that crisis doesn’t make or break you, it reveals you. When COVID-19 appeared on the horizon, our teams were ready. We always knew that the doctors, nurses and staff at The Hospitals of Providence came to work with compassion, support and expertise. What we’ve seen in the last few months is a true revealing of what it means to have a calling to the medical profession. Every day, we see tireless and selfless giving of care. We see sacrifice and perseverance to fight a ferocious enemy. And we see compassion and gratitude for the beauty in every victory.

Thank you to our team that makes us A Community Built on Care. We’re honored to share just a few of the stories of men and women who are making a positive difference.

leslie Gamez-300x300-min

Leslie Gamez - ICU Travel RN
Not only has the El Paso community come together during these unprecedented times, we have received spectacular support from people that call other cities home. Leslie Gamez is a travel nurse that has been working in the East Campus ICU for nearly 13 weeks. Her passion to travel around helping hospitals in need is such an inspiration! She told us that it “is extremely rewarding to see how diligent and hard work can make a difference in a patient’s life outcome.” In her current day to day role caring directly for COVID-19 patients, Leslie reminds herself that she is one of the only people patients have around for physical and emotional support. This motivates her to push through challenging moments and continue striving forward to give her patients her all. Leslie’s heart for service is so clear and we are happy she has been a part of Team East!

kelli reed-300x300-min

Kelli Reed – Telemetry RN  
Meet Kelli from Tele! Kelli Reed, one of our RNs in our East Campus Telemetry Unit, has an enthusiastic spirit that is easily seen in her approach to patient care. As a Registered Nurse that cares for COVID-19 patients, Kelli reflected on the impact her role has. “More recently, I am the only human contact they have for a couple of days. You really get to know them and you hear about their biggest fears and worries.” Kelli credits having a “solid work team” as a something that helps her get through this time. Thank you for being a key player on our team, Kelli!

lucinda Michelle-300x300-min

Lucinda Michelle Noyes – NICU RN
From premature babies to those born with critical needs, NICU patients are one of our most delicate patient communities. Our team continuously works to care for and protect NICU patients amidst COVID-19 concerns. Lucinda Michelle Noyes, NICU RN at East Campus, has had a unique experience in her hands-on role with PUIs in the NICU.  Her unwavering commitment during the current circumstances is clear, though she does admit that “caring for NICU patients that are PUIs has its own set of challenges.” Of these challenges, the one that really stands out to Lucinda is limited contact for NICU families. Lucinda provides support to the families, assisting with Skype calls and ensuring their individual needs are addressed both over the phone and in person. The one-on-one connection she provides to families brings peace and reassurance. Her piece of advice for all of her fellow coworkers during this time is “remember why you became a nurse in the first place. The people you wanted to heal, the lives you wanted to save, the hope and healing you wanted to help give people, it is needed now more than ever.”

brian dinsdale-300x300-min

Brian Dinsdale – Respiratory Therapy Supervisor 
Our teams work hand in hand to provide the best care possible. When caring for a PUI newborn, the employees must be precise and attentive. Brian Dinsdale, Respiratory Therapy Supervisor at East Campus, joined forces with the NICU nursing team to ensure the baby was breathing properly while explaining the procedure to the baby’s parents via Skype. As we continue to navigate these challenging times, extra steps to bring comfort and understanding to families go a long way. Brian always does his best to reassure families affected by COVID-19 by having them focus on the high rate of recovery. Though having direct access to COVID-19 patients was a learning process at first, Brian now says that it has become second nature and has been eye-opening on the importance of isolation precautions. Thank you, Brian, for being such an invaluable member of our team!

dr cox and dr rodriguez-min

Dr. Derrick Cox & Dr. David Rodriguez
Dr. Derrick Cox, Surgical Oncologist and East Campus Chief of Surgery, and Dr. David Rodriguez, Anesthesiologist and East Campus Chief of Anesthesia have not only led the surgery department during this challenging time but have also provided guidance to all procedural departments during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Both served as leaders on the Procedural Steering Committee for East Campus to navigate the Governor Abbot’s executive orders on mandating guidelines on essential procedures and conserving PPE. They have been available around the clock to answer questions or concerns raised by medical staff providers and procedural director and make decisions. They have worked diligently with our teams including Jose Rodriguez, Director of Surgical Services, and Chris Chacon, Market Associate Administrator for Peri-Op Services, as we planned for our reopening and continue to advocate for patients who require or elect to have procedures completed at East Campus, always putting the safety of patients, staff and providers as a top priority.

tony garcia-300x300-min

Tony Garcia – Emergency Department Tech
Our hospitals are full of selfless people who genuinely want to make the lives of others better. Tony Garcia, East Campus Emergency Department Tech, is one of those people. When asked why he loves his job, Tony said that he enjoys “knowing that I am helping and changing lives every day. No matter how small the task, I make a difference for the better.” 

norma trejo-300x300-min

Norma Trejo – Environmental Services
Another exemplary team member is Norma Trejo from the Environmental Services department at East Campus. Norma’s favorite thing about her role is being a part of the Surgery team, ensuring that patients have a clean, safe room to help them feel at ease during the process. We are so appreciative for Norma’s contribution to our team!

allen-guedeaAllen Guedea - Patient Care Technician
The COVID 19 pandemic has certainly presented challenges for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped Providence Children’s Hospital Patient Care Technician, Allen Guedea, from spending quality time with his patients. We recently captured this picture of Allen playing tic-tac-toe with one of his pediatric patients through the glass window. Allen has always found a way to connect with his patients and have a little fun too. Allen is constantly recognized by his patients for providing exceptional care and that certainly hasn’t stopped during the COVID 19 pandemic. This is just one small example of what makes Allen a #HealthcareHero
ilse-mccardleIlse McCardle - Intensive Care Unit RN
One of our incredible RNs, Ilse McCardle, has suited up and has remained ready to take care of some of our most critical patients in the Intensive Care Unit at our East Campus. Ilse and her team were the first to care for PUIs at the rise of COVID-19. When speaking about what inspires her, Ilse said that she views nursing as a work of the heart and that being able to make patients smile, knowing that they trust her with their life, is truly an honor. Her enthusiasm and ability to have a positive attitude even during difficult times are just a couple of the many reasons we are proud to have her on our team.
maira-valenzuelaMaira Valenzuela - Emergency Department RN
We have seen our tight-knit teams come together to achieve a shared goal during this challenging time. One team member in particular that has embodied this noticeable drive is East Campus Emergency Department RN, Maira Valenzuela. Maira is working tirelessly on our COVID-19 outdoor screening area team. When asked what keeps her on the top of her game, she explained that she “is here for the community, helping those on what may be the worst day of their lives.” She is honored to know that her care makes such a big impact on the lives of her patients. Also – her amazing coworkers keep her going, “I couldn’t have asked for a better team!”
Brian VelezJordan MaldonadoBrian Velez and Jordan Maldonado – Intensive Care Unit RNsAt The Hospitals of Providence, we are a team and a family. During this trying time, we have had two individuals who have gone out of their way to ensure that if needed, they are willing to step in and help. Not only at our sister facilities within The Hospitals of Providence network but also within our Tenet family throughout the country. Both Jordan Maldonado, RN, in our ICU and Brian Velez, RN in our Neuro ICU have volunteered to help in any area deeply affected by the outbreak by helping provide additional care to the patients. We commend nurses like Jordan and Brian for being ready to step in the front line on a moment’s notice.
JadeFreddieDesiree Escobar, Alfredoa Zavala, Jade Carbajal and Brenda Estrada – Intensive Care Unit RNsProper use of PPE is crucial during this pandemic. Education is key, and a team of nurses at our Sierra campus have been instrumental in providing oversight andquality management of proper PPE use in our PUI units. These nurses have volunteered to work frequently in our inpatient isolation unit, and have helped ensure that processes are safe for our staff and our patients in that unit. Thank you, Desiree Escobar and Alfredo Zavala from ICU nights and Jade Carbajal and Brenda Estrada from ICU days!
eleno-300-x-300Eleno Hernandez – Laboratory Services

The Laboratory is a very busy place.  Whenever the lab is very busy or short staffed, he is very responsive. Eleno quickly volunteers to be assigned to new patients; he supports and cares of all patients, no matter the circumstance. Eleno is kind and very respectful to all who works with him.  He is a healthcare hero! 

Jose HernandezJose Hernandez – Laboratory Services

Joe is the Micro Supervisor and has been instrumental in organizing all COVID processing and testing.

The process has changed multiple times as new information is learned. No matter how quickly it changes, or how many times – Joe quickly responds and directs the team as to what needs to be done.

He also has created visual tools to help educate the nursing personnel.  He is a team player, and extremely active in making sure we are safe and efficient. 



Respiratory Care Team

During this challenging time so many of our team members have been extremely helpful and willing to step up at a moment’s notice.  Luis, Berenice, Alfonso, Lucia, Delma, Hugo and Jose have been flexible with scheduling and covering the Covid Unit without hesitation.  They all provide the best care possible and keep in touch with up to date patient statuses.  From coming in on a last minute’s notice to researching Covid-19 disease process and modes of therapy, they have continued to provide excellent care, working closely with all patient care team members.  They are all team players and have been recognized by their supervisors as ‘tremendous team members who put their personal lives on hold and put our patient’s and our hospital’s needs first’.  Awesome job, Respiratory Team!



Cynthia-300-x-300Cynthia De La Paz, RNMedical Unit

Cynthia De La Paz has been identified not only by patients but also by her peers for being awesome.  She continually takes great care of her patients and goes above and beyond.  During this trying time, Cynthia provides companionship for our most vulnerable patients.  She takes the time to keep family members updated, face timing with many to provide comfort to all.  She has been described as a wonderful nurses with a very loving and caring heart. 




What Our Patients Are Saying

Every day, we have opportunities to see patients improve their quality of life. And it’s also gratifying to see what patients have to say about their experience with us. Below are some of the comments from Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Thank you for your support for our Community Built on Care.

Comments are gathered from our Patient Satisfaction Survey and displayed in their entirety. Patients are de-identified for confidentiality and patient privacy.

The Hospitals of Providence East Campus

It is one of the best hospitals that I have visited here in El Paso.

My family and I were overall very impressed with the treatment and the care that I was getting there.

Everyone I came in contact with treated me so kindly, especially Lolita. Thank you, everyone!

I had an amazing experience. The doctor was very nice and the nurses were very friendly.

The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus

Overall, the nurses and doctor treated us well. I am thankful for the patience they had and for the time they took to take care of my daughter. Thank you!

It was a difficult time during the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone was diligent about making sure I didn't have symptoms. Once I was cleared, I was treated immediately. The nurses and staff were excellent.

Providence Memorial Hospital is my favorite place for my medical needs. I've been treated with courtesy and respect.

I appreciate everything that the doctors and nurses did for me. They took really good care of me and by the time I got out of there, my health improved. I want to say thank you to all of them. They did a really great job.

The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus

The staff is very clean, and I always tell my friends and family to go there for the good service and cleanliness.

Dr. Gutierrez was a very good listener and took enough time with me to address my concerns.

The staff treated me with the utmost dignity and respect.

All the staff that interacted were very polite and professional.

The Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus

This was my first visit to this hospital, and it was a great experience. They have a great staff and wonderful nurses and doctors. Thank You!

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