Eddie's Mako Story

Jun 6, 2019

eddie-porrasFor most of his life, Eddie Porras had been active, playing a number of sports as a teenager and adult. At the age of 38, it all came to a halt when his knee began to ache, making even walking unbearable. Due to lack of mobility, Eddie gained 60 pounds, which affected not only his health but also his social and mental well-being. Eddie knew something had to be done, so he reached out to the orthopedic specialists at The Hospitals of Providence. 

After meeting with an orthopedic surgeon at The Hospitals of Providence, Eddie learned he was a candidate for Mako partial knee resurfacing. As an alternative to total knee replacement, this minimally invasive procedure helps reduce knee pain and improve overall performance. 

After discussing the treatment with his doctor and his family, Eddie decided to undergo the procedure. After the surgery, which took less than an hour, Eddie walked out of the hospital with the assistance of a walker. Soon after that, Eddie returned to an active lifestyle, helping him lose 55 pounds... and counting.  

“I want other people to know that this new technology is better than anything out there,” said Eddie. “I feel like a brand new me. My mood has improved because I can now enjoy doing simple things, like walking without pain.” 

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