Geno's Weight Loss Story

Jun 6, 2019

geno barberi -400x266-GINOAt 49 years old, Eugene “Geno” Barberi went from being an active bodybuilder to being immobilized due to chronic back problems. As the pain escalated, so did the stress, which led to Geno’s bad eating habits and substantial weight gain.

“Work was harder to do,” said Geno, recalling the agony of working while weighing 288 pounds. “Getting in and out of my service truck was challenging.” Being overweight also took him away from his favorite hobby: working on classic cars.

After years of suffering through the pain, Geno had enough and called The Hospitals of Providence. Their bariatric weight loss program offered just what Geno needed: a surgical procedure to help take the weight off and ongoing support to help keep it off.

After Geno’s gastric sleeve procedure, he lost more than 90 pounds. Now, he’s back on track, enjoying life behind the wheel of his classic car. “One of the best parts of losing weight,” exclaimed Geno, “is being able to get in and out of my Corvette!”

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