Percy's Rehabilitation Journey

Jun 6, 2019

Percy TurnerAfter multiple surgeries and setbacks, Percy Turner knew that his road to recovery wouldn’t be easy. Thankfully, the team at The Hospitals of Providence Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Sierra Campus was there to provide Percy with advanced rehabilitative care and expertise.

“They were wonderful. They were very patient,” Percy said. And, they kept him on his toes, literally and figuratively. When Percy began rehabilitation, he couldn’t even sit up in bed on his own, much less walk.

But after months of intense rehab, Percy is back home, on his feet and getting back into his active lifestyle with his family dog, Boo. Percy and Boo love to take long walks at the park every day to enjoy the scenic views of the desert and the mountains.

Percy said that the rehab team at The Hospitals of Providence never allowed him to give up. The personalized rehabilitative care he received at The Hospitals of Providence got him back home to his wife and Boo.

“They push you, they get you up and work you. But it’s what makes you better,” Percy said.

For more information on our Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, please call (915) 747-2100.