Sabrina's Brain Tumor Story

Jun 6, 2019

sabina-momFor years, Sabrina had suffered chronic debilitating headaches. After noticing a rising occurrence in their frequency, Sabrina’s mother knew something had to be wrong. Sabrina soon learned that her headaches were caused by a cancerous brain tumor. “I felt as if my life had shattered,” said Sabrina’s mother.

Once the tumor was removed at an out-of-town hospital, Sabrina’s mother had to find a local caregiver to continue treatment. That’s when they turned to the Providence Children’s Hospital Memorial Campus. The program offers advanced treatment options, plus access to art classes and writing exercises to help minimize the stress and anxiety during hospital stays.

“I am convinced that bringing my daughter to Providence Children’s Hospital is the best decision we made,” said Sabrina’s mother. As part of the Child Life Program, Sabrina enjoys each opportunity she gets to write, paint and draw — activities that place a crucial role in helping her cope. “We know we are giving her the best care available,” says Sabrina’s mother.

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