Patient Portal

The Hospitals of Providence provides a convenient online patient portal called My Health Rec.  It is the easy way to keep track of your medical information within The Hospitals of Providence network. Simply register during your next appointment to be able to get current information about your medical services online, 24 hours per day. 

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Memorial Campus
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With our patient portal, you can

  • Access health records such as procedures, immunizations, medications and allergies.
  • View lab results
  • Download health records to share with other physicians
  • Conveniently pay your medical  bills

Getting Started

Get started today by enrolling in My Health Rec at your next appointment. Speak with your provider or a member of your care team to enroll. Currently, registration requires an in-person visit to The Hospitals of Providence for security purposes.

Technical Support

Having trouble logging into your My Health Rec account? Please call 888-252-8149.

My Health Rec FAQ's

  • How will My Health Rec benefit me?

  • Who is eligible to use My Health Rec?

  • How do I sign up for My Health Rec?

  • What do I need to enroll in My Health Rec?

  • Can I enroll my child in My Health Rec, and will I have access to his/her health information?

  • What lab results will be viewable in My Health Rec?

  • When will I see my lab results?

  • Can I access my parents' account or give my children access to my portal information? Or, can I access multiple My Health Rec accounts with single login credentials?

  • Is a mobile version of My Health Rec available?

  • Will My Health Rec allow me to make online appointment requests or cancellation requests?

  • Will My Health Rec allow me to make online prescription renewal requests?

  • How do I read my blood pressure information?

  • Can I set up and access my My Health Rec account during my hospital stay?