6-year-old Cancer Patient Inspires Courage

Jun 4, 2020

El Paso, Texas — Colton Higgins is anything but your average 6-year-old boy.  With a smile that lights up every room he enters and a laugh that is infectious with each giggle, he teaches those around him an important message.

“You have to be brave and have courage,” said Colton.

Diagnosed in November of 2018 with Leukemia, Colton has become all too familiar with the rooms and halls of Providence Children’s Hospital.  After months of treatment and remission, Colton and his family received the devastating news in April of 2020 the cancer had returned.

“This is my second journey with cancer” said Colton, holding his beads of courage he made throughout his stays in the hospital.  “Each bead represents things that happened during my two journeys.”

With over 800 beads on his two strands, Colton’s journey has been a long one requiring much courage along the way.  Bright in color and unique just like him, his beads of courage signify his bravery and each progressive step in his fight against cancer.

“Colton’s courage beads are an important reminder how far he has come and the strength he continues to show us each day,” said Miranda Higgins, Colton’s Mom.  “Some beads were painful tough days and some remind us how resilient he really is.”

On Monday, June 1, Colton and his Mom, set out for his second journey of recovery.  The two were airlifted to Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, where he will spend the next three months receiving a bone marrow transplant.

“He’s excited to begin this next chapter of recovery,” said Miranda.  “He’s our fighter.”

The next three months will bring rigorous forms of treatment to prepare Colton’s body to receive the healthy cells and marrow.  During his stay, he’ll celebrate his 7th birthday in July and looks forward to coming back home at the end of his treatment to be back with his twin brother Trenton, his older sister Autumn and his dad.

“These courage beads are going to help me get rid of this cancer and I’m going to continue to have courage and be brave.”

Sunday, June 7th, is National Cancer Survivor Day, a day recognized annually on the first Sunday in June to celebrate those who have survived cancer, an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families and an outreach to the community, to show that life after a cancer diagnosis can be fruitful, rewarding and even inspiring.

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