The Hospitals of Providence East Campus expands services with new Weight Loss Center

Mar 16, 2021

EL PASO, Texas — The Hospitals of Providence East Campus has expanded its services in East El Paso with the opening of its new Weight Loss Center East.

The new Weight Loss Center East will provide patients in East El Paso with close bariatric services offering both surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. With a multidisciplinary team approach, this center is specially designed to meet all the needs of a bariatric patient in one convenient location.

“For many of our patients weight loss has been a lifelong struggle of trying multiple diets and exercise without the desired results,” said Dr. Michael Lara, Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeon. “Bariatric surgery is more than just weight loss it’s about regaining quality of life and adding years on to it. At our weight loss center, we customize a plan to meet the individual needs of each patient and the results our patients see are a significant - weight loss, an increase in mobility and energy and for some being able to reduce or stop medications they’ve been required to take due to health conditions as a result of obesity.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42% of adults suffer from obesity. Obesity can cause problems beyond simply carrying around extra weight. It may lead to a wide range of health conditions — from heart disease and high blood pressure to depression, infertility and joint problems.

“We are excited to be expanding services for our weight loss patients in East El Paso,” said Monica Vargas-Mahar, CEO for The Hospitals of Providence East Campus. “Our team is committed to providing high-quality care and helping our patients meet their weight loss goals.”

The Weight Loss Center East is designed to help patients reach their health goals by exploring the lifelong benefits of weight loss surgery and regaining improvement in their quality of life. The 13-week program includes a range of resources before surgery, in addition to access to post-operative care, support groups and nutritional counseling.

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