The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus performs El Paso’s first Mitral Valve Replacement Procedure

Jan 26, 2022

EL PASO, TX – In its continued effort to expand heart care services for the community, The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus performed El Paso’s first transcatheter mitral valve replacement, offering patients a minimally invasive procedure without having to undergo open heart surgery. 

The mitral valve is 1 of 4 heart valves in the body that helps blood flow through the heart and out to the body.  When the valve becomes diseased or is not working properly it can lead to symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue or the inability to complete everyday activities such as walking and sleeping - significantly decreasing a person’s quality of life and shortening life expectancy. 

“We are excited to be able to expand our cardiology services here in El Paso and offer patients options to improve their quality of life and life expectancy,” said Dr. Chalam Mulukutla, Interventional Cardiologist who performed the first procedure.  “For patients that are not candidates for open heart surgery this minimally invasive procedure is a win for our patients and for our community.  The outcomes we see in our patients is truly life changing.”

During a minimally invasive mitral valve replacement, a single small incision is made in the groin. A hole is then made in the heart crossing from the right to the left side.  The new valve is then placed on a balloon and replaces the old valve by inflating the balloon. This allows for a new bioprosthetic valve to be placed in the mitral position and restores blood flow.  By performing the procedure minimally invasively patients have a faster recovery, less time in the hospital, and can return to their everyday activities sooner. 

“It is exciting to be a part of such a tremendous program and offering more services for heart and cardiac care for El Pasoans. Thank you to Dr. Mulukutla and our Structural Heart team for their dedication to our patients and our community,” said Rob Anderson, Chief Executive Officer for The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus.  “We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing El Pasoans with the high-quality heart care services close to home.”

The Sierra Campus is proud to be nationally recognized as 1 of 42 hospitals in the country to be designated as a HeartCARE Center, providing the highest level of care. 

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