Therapy Patient Graduates from Wheelchair to perform the Electric Slide line dance

Jun 10, 2020

48 year old Jennifer Parker graduated on Friday, February 7, 2020, from The Hospitals of Providence Outpatient Therapy program where she has spent the last 16 months learning to walk and regain function of her lower extremities. 

Wheelchair bound due to a brain aneurysm causing a rare spinal cord injury in 2018, Parker has worked day after day to learn simple functions such as walking, writing, and preparing meals.  Leaving her wheelchair behind forever, she graduated from the therapy program. And with her team of therapists by her side, along with her husband Travis, they celebrated the long journey together by line dancing to the Electric Slide.

 “I would set small goals for myself every day and would envision reaching the goal multiple times before my first attempt.  I was never surprised that I could do it as my friends, family, and therapists looked at me in amazement,” said Parker.

During her extensive therapy, Parker approached each day with a sense of tenacity and strong will.  Now, diligently working to return to the activities she loved before the injury, her goal is to not only inspire other patients enduring difficult situations, but to inspire everyone to live each day to the fullest. 

Parker’s message is a simple one,”Do what you can, while you can! Because, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”

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