Classes & Events

At The Hospitals of Providence, we recognize the importance of having a family-centered childbirth experience. We offer a range of informative classes to help you and your family prepare for the birth and care of your baby, including:

  • Childbirth preparation
  • Baby care basics
  • Childbirth preparation for teens
  • CPR demonstration
  • Sibling classes
  • Pediatrician Q&A

In an effort to provide the best care possible, we also have several specialized programs available to expectant mothers and newborns, including:

High Risk Pregnancy Program

Women with diabetes, heart conditions or other special health conditions are at a higher risk for developing complications before, during and after pregnancy. Our Perinatal Diagnostics Center offers frequent and personal attention to at-risk women and babies through the High Risk Pregnancy Program. We are dedicated to working closely with your doctor to help you have a healthy pregnancy, a normal delivery and to help your baby avoid newborn intensive care at birth. To receive a free informational brochure on this program, please call 915-577-8467 (THOP).

Kangaroo Care

Our "Kangaroo Care" program is specially designed to help promote quicker recovery for pre-term or high-risk newborns through physical bonding. Studies have shown that babies who experience skin-to-skin contact with their mothers and/or fathers may have quicker recovery and better growth. You, your partner and baby may participate in the program. We will arrange screens for your privacy. Ask your nurse for more information to see if you should be referred to this program.

Mother-Baby Nursing Program

We also offer you a birthing option designed to maximize the time you and your baby spend together during your hospital stay. Under the Mother-Baby Nursing Program, your healthy newborn can stay in the hospital room with you, rather than in the nursery, and the same nurse will be dedicated to caring for you both. Nurses and lactation specialists are also available to teach you how to breast-feed your baby, provide instruction on general baby care and answer any other questions you may have. To receive a free informational brochure on this program, please call 915-577-8467 (THOP).

Breastfeeding Clinic

The Hospitals of Providence promote and support breastfeeding. During your stay, a lactation consultant can help you help with breastfeeding problems, answer your questions and check your baby's progress with breast feeding. For additional information, call 915-577-8467 (THOP).

Upcoming Maternity Classes & Events