Your destination for joint care and sports medicine

  • Providing complete, high-quality orthopedic care for your back, spine, knee, hip and other ailing joints
  • Offering minimally invasive surgical procedures like MAKOplasty®, which results in less scarring and pain and faster recovery times
  • A comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation program that helps you rapidly rebuild and recover

The Hospitals of Providence offer a full continuum of care including diagnosis, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

With the most advanced technology and techniques in the industry, you can rest assured you’re getting exceptional orthopedic care and services. We offer a wide range of treatments and procedures to help with all your symptoms, from nonsurgical options to the minimally invasive  procedures that can result in less scarring, less pain and faster recovery.

Ready to start living without pain? Our orthopedic navigator will guide you through the entire process from pre-education and tests, to surgery (if necessary) and rehabilitation, so you can get treated, get better and get on with your life.