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Patient Navigator Services

Helping You Navigate Your Healthcare Journey

Patient navigators are here to help our patients, their families and caregivers maneuver their healthcare journey and overcome medical care hurdles. Whether you just have a question or you’re looking for a second opinion, turn to our navigator for help. You don’t have to do it alone.

A patient navigator’s primary role is to nurture patient empowerment and provide information that enhances your ability to make appropriate health care choices with an enhanced assurance about risks, benefits and responsibilities. Throughout the process, the Patient Navigator will provide individualized assistance as well as education and resources to facilitate informed decisions.

The patient navigator is a key player on your team, providing knowledgeable support, compassion and encouragement through every step of your journey.

Benefits of a Patient Navigator:

  • Guide you through the healthcare system
  • Provide information and education
  • Coordinate tests and services
  • Facilitate communication with your medical team
  • Help you track and get to appointments
  • Direct you to local resources and support
  • Answer questions about classes, seminars and support groups
  • Ensure that your questions and concerns on clinical issues are resolved
  • Advocate for you during every phase of treatment

Ana DominguezMeet Ana Dominguez, RN

Orthopedic Patient Navigator

“Throughout any part of the process, they have a lifeline in me. Before and after surgery, and even after discharge, they can reach me.”  - Ana Dominguez

As Orthopedic Nurse Navigator at The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus, nurse Ana Dominguez works with orthopedic patients and their families from admission, in pre– and post-op care during their stay, and through their discharge from the hospital. This includes coordination with patients, doctors, the clinical staff and all disciplines to discuss the treatment plan and help ensure good communication and outcomes for patients. Ana’s prior experience as an orthopedic unit nurse allowed her to see the difference firsthand that pre-surgical patient education and planning can make in terms of faster recovery and better patient outcomes. She has been in the navigator role since 2011.

Ana loves what she does and seeing the change in a patient who had been nervous about a procedure leave her office feeling relaxed and ready for their surgery.

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