Patient Advocate Services

Helping You Navigate Your Healthcare Journey

All of our patients have an experienced patient advocate to guide them through their journey. From understanding what insurance will cover and how to pay for surgery to what to expect before and after, the advocate also provides personalized assistance with coordinating care across the team and getting answers to questions along the way.

The patient advocate is a key player on your team, providing knowledgeable support, compassion and encouragement through every step of your journey.

Benefits of a Patient Advocate:

Meet Our Team

Becky ArellanoBecky Arellano

Bariatric Patient Navigator

I am very thankful and blessed to be involved in the bariatric service. I have worked in the bariatric service for 15 years. I take pride in what I do, and it is with pleasure to help people change their lives forever.

My role is to contact your insurance from the get-go make sure bariatric is covered, follow the insurance guidelines to get the patients approved for surgery (in short). My passion is getting those approvals and scheduling the patients for surgery. I love to hear their excitement!


Chris Bloodworth, RN, BSN

Bariatric Patient Navigator

Chris is a seasoned healthcare professional specializing in guiding patients through the bariatric surgery process. With over two decades of nursing experience, Chris provides compassionate support and expert guidance to individuals seeking surgical weight loss solutions.

In her role as a Bariatric Nurse Navigator at the Weight Loss Center West, Chris assists patients from initial consultation to post-operative care, ensuring they receive personalized attention and comprehensive support. She collaborates closely with healthcare teams, coordinates appointments, and offers emotional support, empowering patients to navigate their weight loss journey successfully.

Chris’ dedication, expertise, and compassion make her a trusted ally for patients on their path to a healthier, happier life.

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