Success stories for surgical weight loss patients

We can tell you all about our bariatric surgery services and list the qualifications of our physicians. But real stories—told through the words of our weight loss surgery patients and their caregivers—are the best way to show you the difference our treatments make.

Israel's Weight Loss Story

Jun 6, 2019

israel-ginesIsrael Gines knew that being a firefighter took certain characteristics: strength, commitment, endurance and passion. These were all things he could bring to the job, yet there was one thing standing in the way — the extra weight he carried around.

Israel knew that being overweight would keep him from realizing his dream of becoming a firefighter. So he decided to take charge and call The Hospitals of Providence. After learning about the hospital’s 13-week bariatric weight loss program, he decided a gastric bypass surgery was the right choice for him. The program provided the surgical option he wanted plus the ongoing support he needed.

After his surgery, Israel continued to eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle, losing 169 pounds in the process. More importantly, he realized his dream and is now serving the community as a proud firefighter.

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