Media Relations

Business hours: Call Marketing & Communications at (915) 577-7810 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

For other requests, please call:
Kurt Gross
Director, Marketing & Communications
(915) 258-4574 (cell)

Media Guidelines

The Hospitals of Providence (THOP) places great emphasis on the need for strict confidentiality in respect to our patients and staff. Every patient is entitled to the reassurance that THOP will not comment on the particular circumstances of their case or permit to them being photographed / filmed without permission. It is for patient confidentiality that THOP will not divulge information of a clinical nature when related to an individual patient’s case. Patients must give written consent prior to being interviewed, filmed or photographed.

Patient Conditions

The Hospitals of Providence adheres to policies regarding patient privacy issues as contained in the Health Insurance and Portability Act (HIPAA).