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Why should I join HPPPN?

HPPPN presents great opportunities to improve health outcomes for our patients. By providing care in an integrated network with providers communicating, devising quality programs, and working toward the highest quality care from the medical home to the ER, ICU, OR and beyond we can achieve improvements that can’t be achieved on our own. Our physician led board selects our quality initiatives, which means our program is specific to our patient population and relevant to our practice life.  Because of this robust focus on improved care coordination, physicians participating in HPPPN will be eligible to obtain quality enhanced reimbursements for their achievements funded by contracted health plans.  Working together in a clinically integrated network will enable us:

  • Enhance the quality of patient care
  • Allow networks of physicians and hospitals to market themselves based on the quality of care they provide
  • Legitimately negotiate with payers as a network
  • Provide access to technological and quality improvement tools and processes that will allow physicians to better coordinate the delivery of care across specialties

What other benefits does HPPPN participation provide?

HPPPN is physician led and the majority of our board is composed of private practice physicians.  Our goal is to meet your needs as well as the needs of your patients. We welcome your involvement in the organization and the lines of communication will always be open.  Additionally, as a HPPPN provider, you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Population Health Management Reports
  • Care Coordination
  • Provider Education
  • Quarterly Webinars And CME Opportunities On Relevant Topics
  • Access To Group Purchasing Organization at no Additional Charge

What is the clinical program and how was it developed?

HPPPN clinical program is the cornerstone of our organization and encompasses measures that will help us improve the quality of care offered to our patients.  The program was developed by our local physician board members and the measures reflect nationally recognized quality standards from entities such as AHRQ’s PDI and NCQA’s HEDIS programs and focus specifically on evidence-based interventions that are important to purchasers where appropriate and applicable.

How will you collect the clinical data?

We will be implementing data solutions to assist in the data collection efforts.  Vendors will work with your office staff to collect the quality coding information from your system.  The information will be synthesized and reported back to you via our reporting portal which will enable you to view your performance compared to peers in your same specialty.

Is my clinical data safe?

Yes.  Physicians who choose to join the Clinical Integration Organization will enter into a Physician Participation Agreement, which details the rights and obligations of both parties, including protection of the physician’s data. Additionally the data capture methodology must always include industry-standard secure transport protocols and several levels of security.

How can I participate?

Participation in HPPPN is completely voluntary and non-exclusive.  You can be a full, active member of HPPPN while still participating in other physician contracting organizations.  And your existing payer contracts remain in place with your practice; HPPPN is focused on negotiating value based bonus arrangements that are in addition to the direct agreements you hold.  In order to participate, physicians will need to sign a network participation agreement and agree to follow a program of clinical initiatives aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of care provided to your patients.  Medical staff privileges at The Hospitals of Providence or being otherwise approved for membership is also required.

What if I decide I no longer want to participate?

Our participation agreement has a no cause termination with a 90 day notice.

Who can I contact to learn more?

Please contact us at [email protected]