Inpatient Rehabilitation 

Our 24 bed private room inpatient rehabilitation facility offers comprehensive care to address the many needs of our patients and their medical conditions. Specialized care is provided by our team in a home-like environment to promote recovery from the most critical medical and surgical conditions. 

Individual patient goals are set to maximize functionality and prepare our patients to return home to an independent living and increased quality of life.  Patients will benefit from specialized, intense rehabilitation for medical needs. All therapy programs are customized based on the individuals’ existing abilities, tolerance for therapy and desired outcomes. 

Benefits of choosing Inpatient Rehabilitation at Sierra Campus: 


• Though the unit itself has a warm and home-like appearance, it is located within top-notch Sierra Campus.  This allows for faster and better intervention should emergent medical situations arise with no need for ambulance transfer to an acute care hospital

• No need for ambulance transport to other facilities for needed clinical studies or procedures. Ancillary support services are a phone call away

• Physicians are available on-site 24/7

• Patient’s physician can easily follow them to the inpatient rehabilitation program since they are already in a hospital

• Seamless and confusion-free medical record and billing transition if the patient is already hospitalized in one of The Hospital of Providence facilities

• Support group 

Each patient will receive a standard program which may include a minimum of three hours physical, occupational and/or speech therapy services based on the individual patient’s needs and/or tolerance. These programs will be aligned with the patient’s individualized need for therapy. Additionally, our facility includes additional features to improve patient outcomes. 

Services Include:

• Comprehensive evaluation to set realistic goals

• Daily supervision by a physical medicine physician specialized in rehabilitation

• Around the clock rehabilitation nursing care

• Physical therapy focused on restoring function; increasing coordination, stability, strength and endurance

• Occupational therapy to help patients regain daily function and self-care skills

• Speech therapy for evaluation and treatment of speech-language, cognitive and swallowing disorders

• Social work and case management

• Psychological counseling

• Orthotic & Prosthetic consultation

• Hemodialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis

• Discharge Planning and Home Evaluation

• Stroke Features:

• Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Kitchen – Our ADL kitchen is utilized to simulate a return to the home and ensure the transition is a successful one by maximizing patient functionality

• Family room: The family room provides patients and their families with a home like environment to enjoy visitation during their hospital stay

• Bioness technology for foot drop and hand paralysis

• Dynavision for maximized performance through cutting edge vision skills technology

• Experia Unit for VitalStim swallowing and biofeedback therapy

• All private rooms with comfortable sleeper chairs for family members and unmatched mountain and city views

• Transitional living apartment for successful patient/ family training and discharge planning

• A complete collection of advanced, high quality therapy exercise equipment 

To learn more about Inpatient Rehabilitation at The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus call 915-577-8467 (THOP)