The Hospitals of Providence Physician Performance Network (HPPPN) is a clinically integrated network of highly respected physicians who have chosen to actively collaborate and participate in ongoing clinical initiatives designed to improve the quality and efficiency of care provided to patients.  By providing care in an integrated network with providers communicating, devising quality programs, and working toward  high quality care from the medical home to the ER, ICU, OR and beyond we can achieve improvements that can’t be achieved on our own. Because of our focus on improved care coordination, physicians participating in HPPPN will be eligible to obtain quality enhanced reimbursements for their achievements funded by contracted health plans.  Working together in a clinically integrated network will enable us to:

  • Enhance the quality of patient care
  • Legitimately negotiate with payers as a network
  • Allow networks of physicians and hospitals to market themselves based on the quality of care they provide
  • Provide access to technological and quality improvement tools and processes that will allow physicians to better coordinate the delivery of care across specialties
  • Respond to health plan report cards