Spiritual Support

chapel_296x223Spiritual Care Staff Services are available at our Memorial Campus, Sierra Campus, East Campus, Transmountain Campus and Providence Children’s Hospital. To arrange a religious caregiver visit, please notify your nurse or contact:

Spiritual Care Department
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Spiritual Care team consists of:

Lay Volunteer Spiritual Caregivers

  • Individuals with deep faithful hearts who have undergone extensive training in hospital ministry
  • Can connect you with other helpful support resources and information


  • 24-hour non-denominational assistance in providing spiritual support, including contacting local members of your religious organization
  • Grounded in a variety of religious traditions, and trained to respect all faiths
  • Provide assistance with anxiety, stress, conflict with family members, grief and loss, plus any feelings of guilt, discouragement, confusion, helplessness

Personalizing your visit to the chapel

Upon request, we can provide sacraments and other individual tokens of a patient’s faith.