Support Groups

Finding strength in common causes.

Support groups give survivors, caregivers and others a chance to bond with those going through similar health struggles. Below are listings for local support groups throughout El Paso. Contact each group for more information:

I Can Cope with Breast Cancer

Join other women just like you who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last year during this motivational six-week program. For a listing of scheduled programs, call 915-577-8409.

Breast Cancer Support Group

A wonderful place for women who have beaten breast cancer to come together and share their survivor stories. Find out how you can continue to stay healthy and how you can help others fighting breast cancer. Join us at the Memorial Campus on the third Wednesday of the month in Auditorium A. For additional information, call 915- 577-8409.

Support Group for Young Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Are you looking for emotional guidance and support from other women your age? We have created a special group tailored to women 50 years old and younger. Call us at 915-577-8409 for additional information.

Komen & THOP Breast Cancer Resource Center

The Breast Center at 601 Sunland assists patients with treatment decisions. A volunteer is available for those seeking additional information. The individuals who visit the resource center have access to the computers in the center and materials provided by Komen of El Paso.