Knee Replacement Surgery

VISIONAIRE - Patient Matched Technology for Knee Replacement

Although traditional total knee replace has a high success rate, VISIONAIRE strives to improve orthopedic joint replacement surgery with devices and instruments to create better patient outcomes.

VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Instrumentation

A revolutionary new technology for knee replacement surgery, the VISIONIARE Patient Matched system utilizes patient’s MRI and X-Rays to design and create customized surgical instruments based on their unique anatomy.

VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Technology in action

Surgeons upload patient MRI’s and X-Rays into an advanced web-based software. The software then maps out the patient’s anatomy and re-establishes true alignment. Specific cutting blocks and instruments are created that match the outer shape and contours of the patient’s knee joint bones. The software also calculates the proper knee joint implant size.

The custom-designed cutting guides and instruments allow orthopedic surgeons to precisely position the knee implant during surgery avoiding misalignment which can potentially lead to early implant failure. These streamlined instruments potentially offer several patient advantages:


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