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Imagine life without pain.

The Hospitals of Providence is your destination for joint care and sports medicine with a full continuum of care including diagnosis, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

When you choose The Hospitals of Providence, you benefit from:
  • Complete, high-quality orthopedic care for your back, spine, knee, hip and other ailing joints
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures like MAKOplasty®, which results in less scarring and pain and faster recovery times
  • A comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation program that helps you rapidly rebuild and recover
With some of the most advanced technology and techniques in the industry, you can rest assured you’re getting exceptional orthopedic care and services. We offer a wide range of treatments and procedures to help with all your symptoms, from nonsurgical options to the minimally invasive procedures that can result in less scarring, less pain and faster recovery.

Meet our orthopedic navigator

Ready to start living without pain? Our orthopedic navigator will guide you through the entire process.

Types of Orthopedic Services

Back Pain

More than 80% of people have back pain. Don’t wait to seek treatment for a herniated disk or compression fracture....

Wrist Pain

Whether you’re dealing with a hand injury, broken wrist, or carpal tunnel syndrome, we’ll identify your cond...

Hip Pain

We offer both total and partial hip replacements, using the minimally invasive, state-of-the-art MAKOplasty® robo...

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be life-disrupting. With a variety of non-surgical and surgical options, we help you get back on your feet...

Limb Lengthening

Using lengthening and reconstruction techniques, we can replace missing bone, lengthen disproportionate extremities or s...

Sports Medicine

Our orthopedic specialists can treat a range of sports injuries, including knee, hip, shoulder, hand and back injuries s...

Shoulder Pain

From shoulder injuries and elbow arthritis to torn ligaments, we can diagnose your problem quickly and start treating yo...

Hip Surgery

MAKO Total Hip is an Innovative Alternative to Traditional Total Hip Replacement. Mako Hip Arthroplasty is a procedure t...

Partial Knee Surgery

Mako Partial Knee is a treatment option for adults living with early–to mid–stage osteoarthritis, which is a less invasi...

Knee Replacement Surgery

VISIONAIRE strives to improve orthopedic joint replacement surgery with devices and instruments to create better patient...

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery or computer-assisted surgery are procedures that use robotic systems in order to aid surgeons when perfo...

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Knee Quiz

Quantify how knee pain is affecting your quality of life with our seessment.