Advanced care for Balance and Dizziness

The Dizziness and Balance Center offers comprehensive testing, diagnostic testing and treatment for disorders related to balance, dizziness, vertigo and unsteadiness. Our experienced team of professionals consists of an Audiologist, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists who use leading-edge technology and techniques to address your specific balance issues.

To determine the cause of your dizziness, we conduct a thorough testing and screening process, which includes:

  • An evaluation of your medical history, in regards to balance issues
  • A questionnaire and detailed interview
  • An thorough examination, which may include your inner ear, eyes, and sensory receptors in your skin, muscles or joints.

At the Center, we provide treatment that addresses the full range of balance issues, so no matter what your condition, we’ll provide the care you need to once again enjoy life without discomfort.

For more information about The Dizziness and Balance Center, call (866) 934-3627 (THOP) to connect with one of our health specialists.

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