Specialized care for elderly patients

  • Comprehensive elder care program that treats the entire patient — both body and mind
  • Care is delivered by experienced physicians and nurses in a hospital setting with a focus on patient safety
  • Treatment includes a full range of support services, including access to activity therapists, social workers, group therapy and more
  • First acute-care Geriatric Behavioral Unit in El Paso

Older adults with complex medical problems often need specialized care that they cannot receive from their caregiver or at a nursing home. For seniors who require advanced care, The Hospitals of Providence offer a comprehensive elder care program that focuses on both medical and behavioral health. Our team performs individual assessments to determine the appropriate method of care and looks beyond the initial cause of the hospital stay to improve the patient’s overall health.

Our Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit is sensitive to the needs of older patients and focuses on maintaining your or your loved one’s health, independence and dignity in comfortable surroundings. We strive to provide a safe, caring and comfortable environment where you or your loved one can maintain the highest level of functionality.  

We do this by using an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on treating the whole patient, with a focus on family involvement. Medical and behavioral health specialists see our patients on a daily basis. Plus, patients and their families have access to a highly skilled team of professionals, including activity therapists, social workers, pharmacists and dieticians — all of whom are knowledgeable in the specialized care needs of older adults.

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