Two things matter during a stroke: Where you go and how fast you get there

When a stroke occurs, where you go for treatment can make a difference. At the Hospitals of Providence, we have a proven record of speed, experience and excellence.

As one of a few designated Comprehensive Stroke Centers in the region, the experienced team at The Hospitals of Providence works around the clock to treat stroke and stroke-like symptoms quickly to minimize potential damage to the brain during stroke. Our team is standing by.

From the moment a stroke patient arrives, we can provide complete stroke care through all phases of their treatment, up to and including rehabilitation, if needed.

Speed matters

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. and a leading cause of disability, so you can be assured we take strokes very seriously. Our priority is to act quickly to prevent as much damage to the brain as possible. That’s why we are constantly monitoring our response time for patients experiencing a stroke.

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What does Comprehensive Stroke Center mean to our community?

The Hospitals of Providence Comprehensive Stroke Center at Sierra Campus offers:

  • some of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances
  • a wide range of interventional neurology options, which can potentially stop a stroke in progress and minimize potential damage
  • around-the-clock neurological clinical care
  • neurosurgeon access, to ensure high quality care and better health outcomes

To speak to one of our neurologists, visit our Find a Physician page and get an evaluation to see if you’re at risk.

Comprehensive Stroke Care Team

From the time a stroke patient arrives in the emergency room, our dedicated team is ready to begin life-saving care. Our comprehensive stroke care team is comprised of:

  • Board-certified Neurosurgeons
  • Board-certified Neurologists 24/7
  • Board-certified Neurointerventionalists 24/7
  • Critical Care Certified Nurses (CCRN)
  • Emergency Neurological Certified Nurses (ENLS)

Brain & Neuro

The Neuro ICU at Sierra Campus, is equipped with 12 private beds and designed to provide highly specialized care for neurological conditions such as stroke, seizure, and neurovascular disorders.

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