Success stories for surgical weight loss patients

We can tell you all about our bariatric surgery services and list the qualifications of our physicians. But real stories—told through the words of our weight loss surgery patients and their caregivers—are the best way to show you the difference our treatments make.

Crystal's Weight Loss Surgery Story

Jun 6, 2019

crystal-mortonBanking and biking. Those are two words that best described Harley rider and banking specialist, Crystal Morton. But soon after losing her job in the banking industry, Crystal’s path changed. She gained weight, and that extra weight caused bike riding, her passion and main means of transportation, to become a painful endeavor.

Crystal knew she needed to find a new road, so she turned to the bariatric weight loss program at The Hospitals of Providence. This comprehensive 13-week program includes a range of resources for patients like Crystal — including post-operative care, support groups, nutritional counseling, gym memberships and more.

After joining the program and undergoing the weight loss surgery, Crystal lost 108 pounds and soon found a new job as an online banking specialist. “My confidence soared as my weight dropped,” said Crystal. “The busy schedule does not leave me exhausted at the end of the day, and I usually do it in 3-inch heels!"

As for her passion for biking, Crystal can now take annual trips to Sturgis, the world’s largest motorcycle rally, pain free. Crystal says she will forever be grateful to the bariatric weight loss program at The Hospitals of Providence for giving her life back to her.

Interested in beginning your journey to a healthier life? Learn more about the bariatric weight loss program at The Hospitals of Providence. Call (866) 934-3627 (THOP) to connect with one of our doctors or use the physician finder tool.

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