Hospitals of Providence Physician Performance Network


As a benefit of participation in HPPPN, we are pleased to offer you access to competitive pricing for products and services you use in your practice through Tenet’s group purchasing organization (GPO) relationship. There is no cost to join and membership will begin after you sign an electronic document. We encourage you to take advantage of this program immediately.

Four Reasons to Enroll Today:

  1. A benefit if membership – there is no additional cost to join.
  2. Best industry price – this purchasing program is focused on achieving the best price, not just a better price.
  3. Service to activate your benefit – additional staff and member support services are available and in-touch immediately following enrollment to ensure you capture the savings.
  4. There is no purchase obligation associated with signing up and if the program is not a fit you may leave at any time.

Enroll Now!


Look at how members can save!

A Cardiology practice saved 9% on medical/surgical supplies and 50% on Definity through Lantheus

"We found over 28%, or $12,000, in savings through our primary medical distributor. We are working with our client manager who is still helping us to find more savings"

- a Woman and Children's Clinic

A Urology clinic saved 11% on their Bard Catheter spend.

"We are seeing savings with the connection to our primary distributor. We have seen a 15% overall savings on items we were already purchasing"

- a Family and Pediatric Practice 

A Radiology group saved over $160,000.00 annually on Hologic, Bayer Injectors, Radiopharmaceuticals and Bracco contract.

"With the help of this program and our distributor we found over $8500 in savings in our suture spend alone"

- a Ambulatory Surgical Center

If you have any questions about this value-added member benefit or would like assistance in enrolling, please call the toll-free number 1-855-836-3838 or email [email protected].