The Hospitals of Providence Cancer Program

Nobody should fight cancer alone. That’s why CancerCare is Better Together at The Hospitals of Providence Cancer Program. It starts with our “One Call” Patient Navigator system.  Our cancer navigators connect patients with resources within our network as well as resources in our community. To contact our cancer navigators, simply call (915) 577-2873 or complete the form below and a navigator will contact you.

The Hospitals of Providence Cancer Program: Providing cancer care to the El Paso area for more than 50 years, offering convenience and accessibility to adult and pediatric patients close to home.

The Hospitals of Providence Cancer Program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons as an Integrated Network Program.

The Hospitals of Providence Cancer Program is home to the region’s most extensive Cancer Tumor Boards. These site-specific tumor boards consist of a wide array of physicians including oncologists, medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, radiologists and pathologists as well as our program support staff of navigators and administrators. Each case presented in these Tumor Boards allow these specialists to develop a specific care plan for each patient.

Disease-specific programs for gastrointestinal cancers (which include liver, pancreatic and biliary duct cancers), lung and breast cancer.

The Cancer Program also includes two full-service infusion centers, in East and West El Paso, and is available seven days a week for treatment. Treatments administered by Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certified RNs.

Fighting cancer often includes both specialized prehabilitation (treatment prior to surgery) as well as rehabilitation. These services are offered in our Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers located in East, Central and West El Paso. Specific programs are offered in Lymphedema therapy, multidisciplinary program for Head and Neck Cancers and for patients with cancers involving the central nervous system.

The Hospitals of Providence Cancer Program offers advanced surgical techniques as well. The Hidden Scar technique provides an advanced approach to removing breast cancer while also leaving little to no visible reminder of the surgery or your cancer.

The Hospitals of Providence offer a full continuum of inpatient and outpatient cancer care, from diagnosis to surgery to rehabilitative treatment and a full range of support services, to help guide you through your treatment experience.

To learn more about our cancer treatment services, please call our Cancer Navigator at 915-577-2873.  Or you can use our physician search tool to find a cancer specialist.


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